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Chocolate house – A very sweet day | Story | Bookosmia

How about a chocolate fantasy story? 8 year old Vetharithika D, a Bookosmian from Neyveli has just the one for us! She goes to SPDS Jayanthi Vidyapeedam.


I was very tired one day. When I closed my eyes, I started to dream. I saw a house made of chocolate. I saw gummy bears walking here and there. I saw trees. But those were not ordinary ones. The leaves were made of mint candy. The barks were made of Candyman chocolate. I was even more surprised when I saw Sri, my best friend there.

We both started to eat the candies. After we finished eating the candies,we went inside the house that I saw before. The house was made of chocolates from top to bottom. The bed, tv, sofa, books and even the toilet was made of chocolate!

When we laid on the bed, we sunk into it. We reached a slide. Yippee! We slid down. After the slide fun, we met a gummy bear which handed us each a bag. The speciality of the bag was that it kept getting bigger and bigger as you filled it in. The gummy bear asked us to fill as much chocolates as we want. Sri and I were in cloud nine. After collecting the chocolates, we moved ahead into the path. We saw a hot air balloon. It had a sign “Get into me” displayed on it. We got into the balloon. The balloon took us up and up!

At last, it stopped at a big royal castle up in the sky. The knights at the entrance of the castle greeted us warmly and took us inside. We met the King and Queen of this chocolate land. We were welcomed with a huge jug of chocolate drink. The queen took us to their treasure room. She told us to collect as much as treasures needed. After collecting it, the king took us to the portico having a big chocolate swimming pool. We had a fun time take a chocolaty bath.

Chocolate story Bookosmia

We boarded the hot air balloon again. It took us down and down and down. When we reached the ground, the same gummy bear took us with him to another fun filled place. It was a big chocolate puddle. As a person who loves muddy puddles, you could imagine how excited I would have been!

I jumped and jumped until I slipped and fell into it. “Ouch…….” I cried and I got up. But, when I got up and opened my eyes, I was at my home! So, it was all a dream.

I quickly grabbed my diary and started to write my long fun filled dream.

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