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Chocolate! A Chocolaty Poem by 12 year old from Chennai

Who doesn’t love chocolate? 12 year old Drishana from Chennai makes us drool with this delicious poem and a warning of what happens when we over indulge!

chocolate poem kids

A chocolaty poem  

Dark and Milk,

Amul and Silk,

Brown and white

which I like.

Everyone eats chocolate,

and gain their weight,

But when I eat chocolate,

‘ Wow ’ something great .

Mom says no,

but still I go,

The shopkeeper became rich,

Making my mouth a chocolaty ditch.

Ouch ! my teeth ,

Never thought of it,

Oh my God ! It is shaking ,

The toothfairy will be taking.

Chocolate chocolate ,

Don’t give me this pain ,

Else I will send you back in my toy train .

Bye bye chocolate see you soon ,

Don’t come now be in the moon .

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