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It’s been 25 years since the first Harry Potter book was launched and the world hasn’t been the same again. Who is Harry Potter and what is so special about the books? Bookosmia’s young podcaster host 13 year old Adwaith Menon speaks about the phenomenon in this episode of ‘Trending with Teens’ with co-hosts Krisha, Satvika and Ditya.

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Who is Harry Potter and why is he so popular?

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J.K Rowling. The novels portray the lives of a young wizard Harry Potter and his friends. The series has attained immense recognition with time and hence there is a series of movies released too based on the books. This has been a best selling series and has been translated into more than 80 languages worldwide.  This is the book where everyone could escape to. Satvika mentioned that this was the debutant book for J.K. Rowling and was first of its kind in the time it was published.

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What pulls children towards Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is a must read for every kid who is not only a fan of wizards, fantasies and fiction but also because the series is so fascinating that its lines get etched into our brains for a lifetime. Adwaith felt it was a marvel. For Ditya, it was the love for Emma Watson that drew her to the books. Some other possible reasons for its success could be intense drama, close knit friendships, good versus bad themes, incredible imagination, but whatever it may be, this series that started in the 90s will always be the most loved series by children of every era.

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What age group is it suitable for?

The hosts believed it is a treat for every kid from age 10 however the plot gets darker from the fourth book so it is best for 13+. They also added that sometimes the age bracket mentioned in the books is not always appropriate and we can follow our own instincts as well.


Are the books better or the movies?

Satvika felt that the movie and the book are totally different. The plot, according to her, varies vastly. On the other hand, Ditya first watched three Harry Potter and started reading the books thereafter. Both the books and movies are a treat to the reader and the viewer if enjoyed as separate experiences rather than with the motive of comparing scene to scene.


Who is your favourite character from the series?

For Krisha, it was an unusual choice – Voldemort, who she feels is not as notorious as he is made out to be. Satvika loved Harry’s Owl and the Weasley twins because they excel in what they do and are smart.


Which is the best book in the series?

Ditya felt her favourite is either the first or the third one. Satvika mentioned that the fourth book is her favourite because she really likes how the friendship is developed in that book. For Krisha it’s the first book because in the first book Harry Potter finds the true meaning of his life and since she also has certain fears and inhibitions, she was able to relate.

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What would J.K. Rowling’s next book be?

Krisha thought If J.K. Rowling wrote another book that would surely be on magic realism. And she would just change the character to a female lead character. Satvika felt there will always be a craze about the Harry Potter book series and hence we might see more books from the Potter Universe. She felt that characters are equally special like the book itself. People will probably continue to be crazy about the book forever.


Any suggestions on the plot of the new book?


Krisha suggested the author can reverse the hero as a girl who is a wizard and everything else can remain the same. Adwaith thought that Voldemort should have a breakaway series. Satvika felt that it would be really nice if they had a new villain in the new series and keep the characters alive.


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