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The Best Sweet Ever- Nutties | Descriptive Paragraph| Bookosmia

Can your deep, delicious words be dripping of your favourite sweet? 14 year old Yashvi Jalan from Kolkata shares a descriptive paragraph doing just that.

nutties bookosmia

The packaging box is scarlet with the chocolate’s name in lustrous gold. An additional transparent wrap with prints all over encloses within it the tantalizing chocolate. The  miniature round nut balls, dipped into velvety milk chocolate mesmerize the consumer.


A dazzling blend of almonds, cashews and chocolate crumbs makes one fall in love with  it. A soft outside which melts as soon as it encounters mouth yet with a brittle and crunchy inside. Its eclectic taste compels one to immediately hog on the other pieces. Preserving even a bite of it seems to be the most challenging task on Earth. A chocolate most suited for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These mouth-watering features makes this chocolate the one I prefer above all.

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