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Chief Minister’s Manifesto – A 9 Year Old Dreams | Bookosmia

Chief minister’s manifesto - A 9 year old dreams

Everyone has a dream and I too, have one.

My dream is to become a politician. To become a politician. you need to be popular first. The exact steps that I am taking right now to become popular are writing stories, poems and participating in competitions.

Chief minister’s manifesto - A 9 year old dreams


I am planning to pursue a degree in Political Science so that I can be 100% eligible to become the Chief Minister of the state.

After becoming the Chief Minister, I would make my state a better place to live in. I would do that by ensuring that everyone is planting trees. I would ensure that every individual has a job so that they can earn their basic needs. This will make them stand up to anything they face and make them confident. Every youngster of the state will be educated so they can do things to help society in every way.


Chief minister’s manifesto - A 9 year old dreams


During the catastrophe caused by nature or man, the government always uses the Fire service, Police and National Disaster Reserve Force. When the situation gets out of control, the government calls the Air Force and the Navy to sort things out. But in my era, the number one rescue service will be called the Youth Brigade. They will be the solution to every problem the state faces.


Chief minister’s manifesto - A 9 year old dreams


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