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Dark Skin – Yes, That’s Me And I Love It | Bookosmia

Dark skin - Yes, that’s me and I love it
Dark skin - Yes, that’s me and I love it

Yes, I am dark!

I am a bit darker than the rest,
But I believe I am the best,

No one likes my skin colour,
Just because it’s a bit duller.

People ask me to apply whitening creams,
I am not fit in this world it seems.

People love to alter your looks,
You can get altered for getting in their good books.

My colour is given by my Dad,
So why should I be sad?

People don’t accept me the way I am,
I think this whole beauty thing is a sham.

They won’t understand the meaning of pretty,
Because they focus on things that are petty.

Even the night is dark,
And I am happy to not be that fair.

I don’t care if I were as black as coal,
As I have accepted myself from my heart and soul.

Dark skin - Yes, that’s me and I love it
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