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Book Review of Mr.Wrinkles, by S. Aneesh Krithik, 8 Years, Chennai- Book Review with Sara #7

Book Reviews with Sara Mr.Wrinkles Bookosmia
Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here! Keep the wonderful entries to my  ‘book reviews by young readers’ section coming in!
Book Reviews with Sara Aneek Chennai Bookosmia
Today, I am sharing this short and sweet review of the popular book ‘Mr. Wrinkles’, by 8 year old Aneesh Krithik from Chennai, a student of Phonics Power.
Book Reviews with Sara Mr.Wrinkles Bookosmia
Title- Mr.Wrinkles
Author- Robert Pearce
Illustrator-Jacqueline East
Publisher-Alligator Publishing Limited

When I saw the book for the first time, I was so curious to know why the elephant got stuck inside a big hole.


Mr.Wrinkles is my favourite book. The book has a lot of colorful pictures of  birds and animals illustrated by Jacqueline East .


The book was gifted by my friend.


The setting of the story is in the jungle. The most interesting character and the protagonist of the story is Mr. Wrinkle, the elephant. The interesting fact about him is that he remembers everything and never forgets.


The story is all about friends. Each one in the story is different- giraffe, lions, crocodile, cheetah, birds, meerkat, wilder-beast. But everyone is special  indeed.


It also teaches the importance of team work. The key message from the story is – Never forget your friends.


If I could change one thing about the book, I would add monkeys in the story.
The writing style is simple for 6 year olds, illustrations very attractive and the book has a colourful look. I would say it is suitable for 6 to 7 years old kids.


Overall, the book is very good in terms of story and attractive illustrations. My review rating for the book is 5*.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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