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Book Review – Hellen Keller | By 9 year old Aaradhya from Vadodara

Heading into teacher’s day, 9 year old Aaradhya from Vadodara has come away super impressed with the role of the teacher in Helen Keller’s biography.
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Book Review – Hellen Keller
Author – Grace Norwich
Illustrated by – Mark Elliot
When I saw the cover page, I understood that the whole story is about a woman named Helen Keller.
Helen Keller was a visually and hearing impaired woman who was a writer, lecturer, performer, and activist. But her lifelong role was that of a student.
All these miracles happened because of her teacher – Annie Sullivan. She never let anything get in the way of her success.

I got this book from school. The main character of the story is Helen Keller, a wonderful woman who spent her life fighting against obstacles and for the rights of people with disabilities like her through a wonderful teacher who opened the whole world to her.
Before her teacher came into her life, her life was in a dark prison. The words are easy to understand and the meanings of difficult words are given in the book itself. The author has also written some cool and interesting facts about Helen Keller which are very fascinating to read.

After reading this story, I understood that you must fight against the obstacles that come in the way of your success.
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The best age group for reading this book is 8 to 15 years. 5 stars.

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