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Our world of woes, your throne of lies | Poem by 13 year old Reva from Delhi

Being motivated is good but is being ruthless the right way to be successful? 13 year old Reva from Delhi minces no words as she reflects on the rat race.

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Chasing success at what cost? 

Ours is a land of sinners,
a land of treacherous winners.
Ours is a land of cruel temptations,
a land of travellers without destination.
We walk around with those ‘impenetrable’ masks of metal,
little do we know, they become a part of us, little by little.
We’re all chasing money, love, power, glory,
but we all think ours is a different story.
There’s no fire in our dazed eyes,
we look for the truth, but breathe out lies.
We hide our darkness behind screens of purity,
In chaos, we create a false equilibrium, an illusion of surety
Ours is a society built on broken morals,
on our shelves sit the spray painted golden laurels.
Ours is the throne built with the bones of innocent dreamers.
Ours is the land of wise fools and blind believers.
Essay on Competition by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia

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