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Soujanya Bhat

11 Years

Chrysalis High


Blessed to have loving grandparents | Blog by Soujanya,11

Here’s a lovely blog about loving grandparents by 11-year-old Soujanya from Bangalore. 

Grandparents blessing kids bookosmia

This is about my dear grandparents whom I love very much.


  My maternal grandparents are the ones that I meet most often, in my summer break and my birthdays. I call my grandparents Ajja and Ajji.They live in Sirsi, Karnataka. To me, they are the most special though I also love my father’s father .They are very sweet and fun to be around. My grandmother always makes special snacks and sweets for me and my grandfather is very loving. They always bring gifts for my birthday. 

 I remember that once I was going down the staircase, most probably to go to school, my maternal grandmother imitated me and started running towards the staircase as a joke. It was the first time I saw her running! My mother and I laughed a lot and the memory still comes to me till this day.


  My father’s father is another grandparent of mine. He lives in a village called Navilgone, in Honavar. Despite being 90, he is a very healthy and active person and even walks without a cane. He is very sweet and nice.I meet him once a year, mostly in the summer.


  I am blessed to have such nice grandparents and I am very grateful for having them in my life. 


 I want to tell them that they are very special to me and I will always love them.

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