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Rudraunsh Killari

6 Years

Vagdevi Vilas


I love my grandparents so much| Blog by Rudraunsh, 6, Bangalore

Tell us about your grandparents! 6-year-old Rudraunsh from Bangalore introduces us to them. 

rudraunsh grandparents kids blog bookosmia

Let me introduce you to my loving grandparents. I call my paternal grandfather Thathayya and my paternal grandmother Nayanamma. I call my maternal grandmother Ammamma and my maternal grandfather Thatha. My Thatha is with God. Once when it was my grandfather‘s  birthday we cut cake together.


 My grandmother gives me chips. I love to play with my grandparents. They play football and catch-catch with me. I have so many toys at my grandparents house. I feel so excited when they come to Bangalore.

I love my grandparents so much.

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