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Nivaan Haluvaagilu

9 Years

10 Years

Bishop Cotton Boys' School


Remembering My Grandmom| Moving Blog by Nivaan,9, Bangalore

How can we remember someone who is not with us anymore? 9-year-old Nivaan from Bangalore shows us the way in this moving tribute.

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Hi everyone! Today, I want to tell you about my super-duper awesome grandmom. She’s not here with us anymore, but I remember all the fun times we had together. 


Cooking Adventures 


One of my favorite things to do with Grandmom was cooking. We used to make the yummiest food. She was an expert in all types of cuisine. My favorite one is ‘holige’  sweet bread. We’d laugh and make a big mess in the kitchen, but the holige was always so delicious.


Garden Magic 


Grandmom had the prettiest garden with Ayurvedic herbs and flowers. It was like a fairy tale! We’d spend hours there, talking to the flowers and playing with the butterflies. She taught me how to plant seeds and take care of the plants. I even had my little patch to grow my own flowers. It was like our secret garden.


Story Time 


Every night, she’d read me bedtime stories. She had this magical way of making the characters come alive. I loved it when she did all the different voices. It made the stories extra special. Even when she got tired, she’d read one more story, just for me.


Hugs and Cuddles 


Grandmom gave the best hugs in the whole wide world. When I had a bad day or felt sad, her hugs made everything better. I miss those warm and cozy hugs, and I wish I could have one right now.


Special Treasures 


Grandmom had a treasure box full of little things she collected over the years. She’d show me her favorite trinkets and tell me stories about where she got them. One of my favourites a is miniature silver weapons set and coins . I always felt so special because she trusted me to take care of her treasures.


Goodnight Lullabies 


Before I went to bed, she’d sing me a lullaby. Her voice was so sweet and calming. It was like having a guardian angel watch over me. I still remember the lullaby, and it helps me sleep peacefully.


I miss my grandmom a lot, but I know she’s always with me in my heart. I remember all the wonderful moments we shared, and it makes me smile. Even though I can’t see her, I can still feel her love.


Each night I have special prayers dedicated to my amazing grandmom. I hope you have someone special in your life like my grandmom. They make the world a better place with their love and kindness. Don’t forget to tell them how much you love them while you have them.

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  1. Its feels so nostalgic to read the depth of your emotions for your grandmom. I am sure she is watching over you and smiling.
    keep writing Kanna

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