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Back To School Finally! Poem by 12 year old from Bhubaneswar

Back to school! How does it feel? 12 year old Pratichi from Bhubaneswar tells us!

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I’ve always wanted to go back to school,
As staying at home was never cool!

My bag, shoes and socks lay dusty with underuse,
Begging and pleading to be taken on tours.

The only connection with friends was online,
I prayed every night for us to meet offline.

My pencil box longed to house my stationery,
But all it could do was remain stationary.

So when I heard the delightful news,
To believe my ears I refused!

My heart was pounding with joy
It was finally time to rejoice and enjoy!

As I walked into the magnificent place,
Of unhappiness or exhaustion, there was no trace.

For I was where I truly belonged,
Indeed, my home away from home.

Indeed, my home, away from home.

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  1. Awesome.It expresses how much the kids were deprived during the COVID. They all had to undergo the trauma of fear and isolation. The onus is on teachers and schools now, to erase their bad memories and strengthen their young minds. Jai Shri Sai

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