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Auto Rickshaw Joy Ride| Poem by Samriddha, 10, Kolkata 

10-year-old Samriddha from Kolkata writes a gripping poem about an auto rickshaw ride in the dark.

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Off we went,


in the auto rickshaw.


Enjoying the view,


while the birds flew.


What a lovely sunset! 


made the sky all red.


But fortune went away,


no more sun rays.


As black and dark as it could be,


We stopped singing merrily.


Lost among the dark,


where there was not a single mark.


Slowly going forward,


Not knowing which way home is toward.


Forest all around,


only peepal, mango and bamboo could be found.


Darkness took up all the place,


where no one ever stayed.


No light, no man and not a single animal,


Not a house or wall.


All quivering in fear,


nobody had any dare.


All eyes closed,


sitting too close.


Beating hearts,


but fear not going apart.


Didn’t know for how long the darkness would last!

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