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Autobiography of a refrigerator | By Rajveer, 9, Kolkata

What if your fridge could talk? 9-year-old Rajveer from Kolkata imagines an intriguing scenario in this autobiography. 

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I was made by a company called ‘Samsung’ and sent to a shop called ‘Sales Emporium’ for sale. All around me were different models of refrigerators. My body colour is silver which is very beautiful and attractive.


One day, a couple came and saw all my special features. They felt I met their requirements. 

Soon, they brought me to their luxury mansion in Alipore.They kept me in a kitchen which was well ventilated and very clean.


My special feature is an automatic door that can open with the help of an app installed in the phone.

The couple love that I can make instant ice and keep food fresh for a very long time.


I enjoy it when children store their favourite ice cream and chocolate which remain cool and fresh in my freezer. The owner cleans me and gets my service done regularly. 


One day,  a mechanic came to repair my light as it was not working. I am still with my owner and it has been great because I have been maintained very well.

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