Mitali Ragtah

9 Years

Queens Valley School


2023-My New Year Resolution| Poem by Mitali,9, Delhi

Our hearts have been won over by 9-year-old Mitali who has an inspiring new year resolution. What was your new year’s resolution and are you following it? Tell us!

New year’s just a few days away,

Each nook and cranny of our house is gay!

Our tables littered with puddings and pies,

Smells of these treats make us deaf to poor cries.

While we decorate our houses; roof to the gate;

for those on the streets, it’s just a change of date. 


Amongst all this bustle and celebration,

We are often asked to form a resolution. 

Mine is to never let the deprived go hungry or cold,

This goes for all out there, be it young or old. 


I’ll share with the people on whom the weather grates,

I’ll ensure that no one feels cold or has empty plates. 

I know God’s been kind, and I have more than I require,

So, it’d be great sharing with people sitting by a small fire. 


Let’s share these overcoats, toys and books,

And boy! Oh boy!

That’s happiness in itself, and those joyful looks.

Don’t worry about numbers, help one person at a time,

That’s what I’ll do, that resolution’s mine!


This is just a small change, a miniscule victory,

Soon, more voices and hands will join against poverty. 

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