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Australia Cricket Grounds| Essay by Nirav,10, Kolkata

10 year old Nirav Prakash tells us about Australia’s beautiful grounds where all the action from the T20 World cup is happening.

australia cricket ground
T20 cricket world cup : Australia’s cricket grounds

When I talk about Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is their spirit and enthusiasm for sports.

Australians are a sports-loving nation and children there, are encouraged from younger ages, to participate in activities like climbing , jumping, and running. No wonder, they invest in infrastructure too and thus have built some of the most beautiful cricket grounds.  Here are some of them :


The Gabba- It is the commonly used name for Brisbane Cricket Ground. It is located in the capital of Queensland. It is renowned for the speed and efficiency of its drainage.
2. Bellerive Oval- It is on the eastern shores of the Derwent River and has the capacity for around 20,000 people.
3. Sydney cricket ground- It is in Moore Park, in the city’s east side. Apart from hosting the best cricket teams, this ground boasts of hosting tournaments in Australian Rules football, baseball, Rugby and cycling.
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