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Moving cities- Vadodara to Chandigarh| Blog by Saiaansh,7

What is it like to move to a new city? 7 year old Saiaansh shares the whole range of emotions he felt when he moved from Vadodara to Chandigarh.

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From Vadodara to Chandigarh : Moving to a new city

I was very sad when my father told me that we have to leave Vadodara and go to New Chandigarh because of his job. I was not happy to leave my school and friends. I liked my old school St. Kabir Indian international school, my teachers and school friends so much.

When we came to Chandigarh, we started searching for a new good school. We went to Doon International School; one sir took us for a detailed round of school. He showed us the playground, swimming pool, library and also the classroom. My parents and I liked the school.

I had to appear for an entrance exam and after passing my exam, I got admission to the school. We went to buy the school uniform and the most exciting thing was that due to cold winters here unlike Vadodara, the school dress has cardigans and blazers. I thought I would look smart in the new school uniform.

The first day of my new school was exciting. I went to the school by bus, which picks me from my house. I was admitted to class 3. I met my new classmates and teachers. My class teacher told me everything about the class and helped me to cope with the homework I missed. In this school we have to take home made lunch. I also made a few friends, some of them live near my new house.

When I came back home in the afternoon, I shared my school experiences with my mother and told her that I liked my new school. But I must say at last that I will definitely miss my old school.

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  1. So nice to read your each articles saiaansh, you are such a wonderful child and your articles are so truthful While reading your articles I can understand your mixed emotions,All the very best for your future articles,keep writing.

  2. Hey dearest Saisaansh, i read one of your previous articles earlier. And the day when Gaganbir joined the same school “Doon International” as yours he came back with the news that Siaansh lives just nearby and that the school bus drops him just at the same spot (while we was still assessing the school transportation). That give us a lot of confidence that there is a school friend nearby. Keep learning and growing each day dearest.

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