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Srija Bhadra

11 Years

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Funny Prank : Pig filter in Zoom class| Blog by Srija,11,Kolkata

What was your funniest moment? 11 year old Srija can’t stop laughing as she recalls hers!

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There are a lot of times I laugh a lot and I even get furious. But there is a memorable time when I got furious and even laughed with all my might!

My mother was teaching her student online. While she went to the kitchen, I put a Zoom video filter of a pig. When my mother came, she saw it, found it funny, and jokingly called me a baby pig!

The tables had turned. I felt I was being teased even though I had pranked her first! I complained about this to my father and he said nothing. Later, I realised how hilarious it was.

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