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Art With Sara Series #8-“Art tells beautiful stories, that bring a smile on my face each time,”says Aashesha,11, Gurgaon

Art with Sara young artist Aashesha Bookosmia

Sara's Art activities for kids BokoosmiaHey everyone, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my colourful ‘Art with Sara’ section.



Here I publish the writings of young artists who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of ‘expressing their art.’

Art with Sara young artist Aashesha Bookosmia

11 year old Aashesha Gupta from Gurgaon shares her enviable collection of artwork with us and some really wonderful thoughts about how Art is much beyond a splash of colours- it soothes our mind and puts a smile on our face.



I really love Indian art. Before I started my folk art workshops, I never knew  that there are so many art forms within India and I was amazed!

Art with Sara Aashesha Bookosmia


It was a great feeling to attend art workshops because one gets to know the  story behind the art form and the artist and what all struggles did the artists  face.


I have always been the person who would sit down and start drawing and doodling every day, but when I saw the how detailed Indian art was, I was  spellbound and I started to take more interest in that! It looked really intricate but the artist would always make it easy for us to understand and would tell us beautiful stories that brought a smile to my face each time.

Art with Sara young artist Aashesha Bookosmia

Some of my favourite art forms are Pattachitra, Madhubani and Gond. I can’t stop looking at those paintings, it just makes me feel so nice. Every weekend I attend workshops and learn new forms and I even look forward to attending the kids workshops.

Art with Sara young artist Aashesha Bookosmia


Now my knowledge of Indian art has increased and I have made numerous paintings and I am proud of each one of them. I would say that this has been partially what I have doing all throughout quarantine and I would love to stay in touch with all the artists and would be glad to meet them one day!

Art with Sara young artist Aashesha Bookosmia

‘’Art is a world of stories and each time you fold the page, you will find something glorious and new.’’

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