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Anda, The Poisonous Red Ant – Book Review | Bookosmia

Anda, the poisonous red ant

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Book Review with Sara of Harry the dirty dog by K.S.Rithik Chennai 8 year Rithik, a Bookosmian from Chennai loves reading about animals and is excited to share his review of the book ‘Anda, the poisonous red ant’. He recommends it for ages 5+!

Rithik is a student of NSN memorial senior secondary school, Chitlapakkam.



Book:  Anda, the Poisonous Red Ant
Publisher: Angel Publishing House
Anda, the poisonous red ant

I knew this story would be interesting when I saw the cover page. The writing style of the author matches with the illustrations.

I bought this story book because the cover page is very colourful. This is a fictional story.

In this story,Anda the ant and Rutty the snake were living in a cornfield. Every night Rutty would spit venom and drink it in the morning. Despite being told not to, one night Anda drank the venom which Rutty spat. So, he felt dizzy and went out of Rutty’s house. Then what happens to Anda? Will he suffer because of Rutty’s venom? To know that you’ll have to read the story.

My favourite part in this story is when Anda drank the venom but still did not get angry. The lead character in the story is Anda.

The main idea of the story is how one must be careful and should not do things if we are told it could be dangerous.

I recommend this story to the age group 5 +.

My review rating for this story is 4.5 / 5.

Anda, the poisonous red ant



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