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All Because Of Ice- Cream | Bookosmia

All Because of Ice Cream

“Woohoo!,” loudly screamed the best friends who were super excited when they came to know the date of Ekka for this year. Ekka was the best festival on earth.

Beverly had been talking about the Ekka since Dani had come to Brisbane. He had also been telling Dani about the best ice-cream you could have once a year only at the Ekka. To Beverly, Annie’s ice-cream was the best ice-cream in the world. No wonder he had talked about it so much. They were also super excited to find out that they were going to the Ekka, together.

All Because of Ice Cream


When they reached there, they were overjoyed. The crowd was making cheerful noises as the band played festive music. There were all sorts of fancy food stalls selling different types of foods. There were lots of colourful rides and games to play.

First, they went on the carousel. Then, they went on the Ferris Wheel and a few others. They also went on a water slide and unfortunately, their shoes got wet and they could not wear them anymore. It was fun and they enjoyed it very much.


All Because of Ice Cream


“Let’s go have the ice-cream now!” Beverly suggested cheerfully. In a few moments, they both saw lots of funky ice-cream vans. There were so many to choose from, but they knew where to go. Dani saw it first – the world famous and their most awaited Annie’s ice-cream van.

She grabbed Beverly from the arm and they both ran towards the van. They simply chose Annie’s special flavour.

Suddenly, as they were eating their ice-cream, Beverly tripped over a brown fat twig and dropped his ice-cream.

It fell top-first on the hard-solid concrete floor. The cone looked like a unicorn’s horn chopped off its head and chucked on the floor. The ice-cream looked like a pile of coloured mashed potatoes.

All Because of Ice Cream


Beverly was devastated – he had been waiting for this ice-cream for one whole year.

Just then, Dani tried to console him – “Don’t worry! We still have more money to buy another ice-cream for you.” Beverly cheered up and slid his hand in his pocket hopefully but to his surprise, he had spent it all on rides and games. So, he asked Dani “Do you have any money left?” She did not have any either. They were both heartbroken.

But then Dani remembered something that sparked her eyes. “Of course, the time machine”, she sighed. They both ran to Dani’s garage where Dani had created the Time-O-3000, her latest invention. It was a shiny hard machine with ample space inside. The best friends clambered into the machine. Dani then typed in a bijou box – “Ekka, Brisbane, 3:17 pm”, one minute before the ice-cream fell.

They both felt very jittery in the time machine, but Dani believed it would be ok and that boosted Beverly’s confidence. Dani started the machine and in a blink of an eye, they vanished into thin air. As soon as the machine stopped, Beverly sprung out.

“Thank goodness, I am still alive”, thought Beverly gladly. They both found themselves near Annie’s ice-cream van. They bought another ice-cream from the last piece of money they had again.

Beverly was super cautious this time to not trip over anything as they cherished their second ice-cream happily.

They hopped back into the Time-O-3000 and returned to the present again. “O-Yeah! I had a great day at the Ekka!” squealed Dani. They were both delighted and now Dani was convinced that the Ekka was the best festival ever and Annie’s ice-cream was soo worth it!


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