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A visit to the Zoo- Essay

Read with Sara visit to the zoo Bookosmia

Long before this lockdown, on a bright sunny day, my father took me to the zoo. I love to travel on bike. After half-an-hour of travel, we reached the zoo. I
was soo excited as it was my first visit to the zoo! My parent’s told me that I
will come to know about some new species of animals. I was so thrilled about


After five minutes of walking, we saw lot of colorful birds! Some made chirping
sounds, some were so noisy. I saw a huge parakeet which had beautiful feathers. Then I saw peacock, parrot, ducks, rabbits, etc.


I saw a big elephant and took a picture of it. Then, we took a jungle safari ride to visit lion and tiger, but I was a little disappointed as we couldn’t find any. Then we took a bicycle ride inside the zoo and it was one of the most joyous ride I ever had.


I made notes about the animals, which I like the most so that I can tell about  them to my friends. I was very tired while returning home, but I enjoyed my
day in the zoo.

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