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A special bday gift for my dad- Essay

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It was my father’s birthday, so I decided to gift him something special.


I thought for a while. Then I got an idea to make something scrumptious for  him. I decided to make garlic bread, cookies and Oreo milkshake. I asked my mother to help me.


First I started making cookies but I did not have all the ingredients to make it.  So I made my own recipe with whatever I had. I put Nutella on the Marie biscuit and garnished it with sprinklers. I kept it in the fridge to chill.


Next up was garlic bread, one of my father’s favorite dishes.

I took out all the required ingredients: bread, butter, garlic, cheese, a small  bowl, a big bowl and a spatula. First, I took some garlic and butter and put it in  the small bowl and melted it in the microwave. Then I cut some circles of bread from the big bowl. Using spatula, I applied the butter-garlic mixture on  the bread circles and grated generous amount of cheese. With my mom’s help, I put it in the Oxyfryer to bake for 7 minute and waited excitedly!


Lastly, it was the Oreo milkshake that was left to be made. In a blender, I put  Oreo biscuits, chilled milk and 1 big scoop of vanilla ice-cream and blended it  well.


Luckily when food was ready, the door bell rang and it was my dad at the door.  I was super excited to see him but I did not tell him about the surprise. He went to freshen up in his room.


I quickly arranged the food on the dining table with the help of my mother. My dad was surprised to see and eat the food prepared by me. He tasted all the  items and said all were scrumptious.


I was super happy to hear this. What an experience it was to be a chef for a day!



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