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Three helpful monkeys- Story

Story of 3 little monkeys Read with Sara stories for kids by kids by Bookosmia

Once upon a time there were three helpful monkeys in the forest. They always helped all the animals and birds in the forest.


One day, the three monkeys saw their friend cat falling in the water falls. The three monkeys called their other monkey friends and made a long chain by holding each other’s tails and pulled out the cat from the water.


Another time, they saved a little baby monkey which was getting beaten by bad monkeys.


The three monkeys shared food and toys with other animals. They were very happy and playful, singing and swinging from tree to tree and all animals were their friends.


The three monkeys became very sad when the humans started cutting lots of trees in the forest. Seeing them sad, the other animals planted seeds and plants to make them happy.


But the humans came again and again to cut the trees, and destroyed many animal houses. So, the three monkeys and the animals just moved further away from the humans. They built new houses together and lived happily.

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