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#SaraReads: Story-A mannequin just like me

Bookosmia Surat story

Bookosmia Surat storyAt the mall one day, I walked by a mannequin that looked exactly like me. I stopped and checked. I rubbed my eyes and checked again. I wasn’t imagining it. It looked like it was modeled on me. It had the same height as me, had the same hairstyle, features and it even wore exactly what I had just picked up and worn at the trial room. A beautiful dress that had all the colours of the rainbow. 


I panicked a little and called out to my friends who were shopping at another section. They came in rushing and asked me what happened. I showed them the mannequin. They said it was a funny co-incidence. They asked me to forget about it. We continued to shop and I picked another dress to wear. I tried it on in the trial room and when I came out, I saw another mannequin wearing that exact same dress! I was a little scared now and ran out. Someone called me. I thought it was my friend. But it wasn’t. It was the mannequin wearing the same clothes as me. 


I screamed loudly and ran. From all directions mannequins came out and started following me. They were all wearing the dresses I had tried on. I ran so fast that my legs collapsed and I fell down. 


When I opened my eyes, I was at home. I got up and saw my friends playing in the other room. 


“When did you come back from the mall?” I asked them.


“Which mall?” they asked me in surprise. I reminded them of the scary adventure we had just a little while back. They laughed and said I must have dreamt it all. “There is no mall like that and you don’t have any dress in rainbow colours,” they said. 


I felt relieved. As I got up, I found something underneath my pillow. I lifted it. It was a rainbow coloured dress. 

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