Utpal.R. Raja

12 Years


A Happy Land | A Collection of Poems by Utpal, 12, Bangalore

Are you keeping up with what’s going on in the world? 12-year-old Utpal from Bangalore writes three poems about the pandemic and the environment.

Environment day : A message to mother Earth

What Makes a Happy Land?

If we don’t use plastic,

Then we’ll be fantastic.

Where plastics are banned,

It makes a happy land.

When plastic is nowhere,

Living things will be everywhere.

Only where there is cleanliness

can we be certain of happiness.

A Plan to Save Earth

Let’s ride bicycles,

But don’t forget to recycle.

Don’t use plastic,

Then the Earth will be fantastic.

Let’s water the plants and trees daily in the morning,

This will reduce global warming.

So, we should look after our earth with care,

Since, it is a planet which we all share.

A Poem about COVID-19

Oh my gosh,

COVID-19 has been so harsh.

Come on- let’s all sanitize our hands with hand-wash,

And then drink the mango- squash!

Let’s all maintain social distance,

And improve our immunity’s resistance.

We should always wear a mask,

And continue to work at all our tasks.

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