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12 Years

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Scenes from Spring | Poem by Krushna,11, Ahmedabad

Which is your favourite season? 12-year-old Krushna from Ahmedabad writes a poem about the coming of spring.

Spring Season : A Fresh start

 Spring, Spring, always so fine,

            Oh, how beautifully the flowers begin to shine

            Welcoming Spring all the while!


            It’s when the trees began to bloom,

               And the sky turns crystal blue.

               Deep in the heart I come to know

                Just how Nature gives us a clue,

            “Don’t worry about winter’s flu,

         The flowers of Spring have begun to grow.”


       The trees are singing, the flowers dancing,

                 and the sun is shining brightly.

 All fauna’s laughing, and children are playing,

                      Getting ready to run and fly kites.

         The birds are set to take a flight,

             In the new blue of the Spring sky.

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