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Good Deeds Never Go Waste

Read with Sara story by Sharansundar

In a small town, there lived a farmer along with his son, Heiden who wished to become a scientist. He studied in a government school with few facilities. In his free time, he helped out his father at the farm and saved all money to be used for his higher education in a reputed college.

On the way, he saw an old man fallen down on the road with no one stopping to help him. He rushed the man to the nearest hospital. There, the doctor informed Heiden that an emergency surgery had to be performed to save him and that it would cost around Rs 2.5 lakh. Finally he arrived at a decision by thinking that even after he become a scientist he was going to help poor people. Helping the poor old man would achieve the same objective.

Though Heiden was happy that the old man recovered,sorrow gloomed him since he was not able to join college to become a scientist. The old man gave him a cover. When he opened it, it turned out to be a fully paid scholarship to the best science college in the country. Heiden had no words to express his feelings.

He thanked the old man and joined the college.  He become a notable scientist and invented several gadgets in low price which was useful to the poor. He would always say that “A good deed never goes to waste.”

A few days later, he got a message that the wealthiest landlord of the neighbouring district has sent for him. Heiden had no idea why but he went there. To his surprise, the landlord was none other than the old man whose surgery he had paid for thinking he is poor.

So, Heiden buried his wish and paid his saved money for the surgery of the old man. Fortunately, the old man recovered from his illness.

Heiden was confused. Should he leave and continue to his dream college or should he spend it for the man’s surgery.

He continued to work hard and excelled at higher secondary school. Finally, the day he was waiting for, arrived. He had got admission in his dream college and took the entire amount he had saved, around Rs 2.5 lakh rupees, and walked to the college.

Heiden liked gadgets but their family wasn’t able to afford any. He dreamt of inventing gadgets that were affordable to everyone.


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