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‘A Trip To A Dino Safari’ Story by 6 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

Read with Sara story by Utkarsh Somani

There was a little girl. She was very pretty and brave. Her name was Reena. She had brown curly long hairs and blue eyes. She was 11 years old and carried her backpack everywhere she went.

She lived with her lovely family. Her family consisted of her smart and adventurous father, caring and lovely mother, naughty brother and her pretty and intelligent sister. They lived in a small town near the lakeside forest area. The forest’s name was ‘Dino World Forest’.

Not many people knew about it but it had real live dinosaurs. People were afraid of them but Reena being brave said to her father and mother, “I want to go to the Dino World Forest, please!”

Her parents agreed. So they set out for it.

She packed her backpack with binoculars and camera. She had a pink colour water bottle also. They all went for the jungle safari. There they saw a Turbosaurus. They clicked it. Then they saw a T-Rex. They clicked it. They also clicked some more of the dinosaurs like Tyrannasaurus, Spinososaurus and Argentinosaurus etc.

Then they went to their home and took printouts of all the photos and hung them on their room’s wall. They had a  great fun filled adventure in the Dino World Forest.


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