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A caged bird| Poem by Saksham,13, Ludhiana

How does a bird in a cage feel? 13 year-old Saksham from Ludhiana is imbued with a sense of justice about the world around us, in this moving poem.
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I went to the zoo and I met a bird

Who wanted to make his voice heard.

He told me how he was trapped in a cage,

And how that made him full of rage.


He wanted to go out and fly high,

And explore the land and the sky,

He was inside alone, he couldn’t stop crying,

And from within, the bird was dying.


I showed courage and let the bird out,

And he became happy beyond any doubt.

I got arrested and I went to prison,

But I was happy the bird had risen.


I now felt like the bird,

I wanted to make my voice heard.

Though I was at fault, the bird wasn’t guilty,

But still had to stay caged, with only dreams of being free.


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