#Saralistens: Yaksha (Best suited for age 4-99 years) shared by First Cry with their 20 Mn customers

Bookosmia's Yaksha First chidlren's book on Yakshagana

Author :  Archana Mohan

Narrator :  Archana Mohan

Sara is excited that her favourite story #Yaksha by her favourite storyteller Archana Mohan is selected by First Cry to share with the 20 mn households in their community!

This dude Yaksha, so cool! He got to know he is a superhero thanks to a 200 year old secret about his family. What is his superpower and what is his story? Hear it straight from the horse’s…I mean…the author’s mouth. Acclaimed author Archana Mohan does a cheeky narration of her much loved book ‘Yaksha’ published by Bookosmia in collaboration with Yaksha Degula

And once you have, tell me what your superpower is in the comments below.

P.s- somewhere in there is a real life performance (not by her thankfully) and a surprise intruder named Corona Virus! Check it out and tell us what you thought about the story!


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