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Ayraa Shriwardhankar

8 Years

53 Years

Ava Bai Petit Girls High School


Why I Love Parrots | Blog by Ayraa,7,Mumbai

Today is World Parrot Day and 7 year old Ayraa Shriwardhankar, a Bookosmian from Mumbai writes a sweet little essay that describes all the wonderful reasons.

World parrot day - Why I love parrots

I love parrots. They eat chillies and drink water. They have a red beak.

The smaller green birds are called parakeets.
And the big Macaws are known as parrots.

Macaws are colourful, they have various colours just like the rainbow.

I see parakeets just outside my window when I do my online studies. Once there were plenty of parakeets outside my window and they looked beautiful.

They can even talk to us and repeat what we say.

Parrots look the prettiest flying up in the big blue sky.


World parrot day - Why I love parrots




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