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Why KNOWLEDGE is power | Poem by 12 year old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar

As we thank teachers for educating us, 12 year old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar pens down a poem on the importance of knowledge in our lives.

Equality - Knowledge knows no discrimination
Knowledge is strength
Knowledge is power
Knowledge is the treasure,
every human must acquire
Knowledge is liberation
when utterly unfurled
Knowledge is the lamp
that brightens up the whole world
Knowledge is eternal
Knowledge is infinite
Knowledge is the verses of Gita
Knowledge is the words of Christ
Knowledge is the radiance of the Sun
knowledge is the lustre of the stars
Knowledge is the best pal of mankind
that never goes too far
Knowledge enriches the mind
Knowledge sanctifies the soul
Knowledge is the highest virtue
and life’s ultimate goal
Knowledge opens the door to success
Knowledge makes the world simpler to access
Knowledge is the essence of life :
an all-encompassing solution to all strife

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