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Humans on Mars : A diary from 2032| Story by 7 year old Saiaansh from Vadodara

If human beings set up a colony on Mars, what would that be like? 7 year old Saiaansh from Vadodara shares his interesting views along with a drawing!
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Diary entry 


Scientists of NASA and SPACE X are working on suits and rockets to make life possible on Mars.

Mars, the red planet has an atmosphere which is thinner than Earth. It has 95% carbon dioxide, less than 1% oxygen and dust, there is no Nitrogen gas. The North and South Pole of Mars have ice caps that can be purified to water. To make life possible on Mars certain projections can be followed.

1)   Food: Plants for food need to be planted in domes. We will need to fertilize the soil with Nitrogen from human waste, to get vegetables and fruits.

2)   Houses: Houses will be powered by nuclear energy and solar energy will be generated from the sun.

3)   Bodysuits: There is less gravity and more dust in the atmosphere with no oxygen, so humans have to wear special flexible body suits. These suits will help the humans to stay on the ground and survive dust storms.

4)   Travel: Space X is working on a rocket named STAR SHIP, which will take us to Mars.

-end of diary entry


Let’s hope this becomes possible in future and we all are able to venture to Mars one day.


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