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When English Met Maths | Funny Poem by 12 year old Karma from Delhi

When English meets Math – what happens? Find out in this hilarious but relatable poem by 12 year old Karma from Delhi.

Maths day - Adding joys subtracting problems

When English met Maths

We all got so confused

Finding the variable equals to

But how these subjects fused?


Was this an accident or a plan?

A coincidence or was I in a trance?

Seems like something to ponder and debate

These numbers and letters swirled my head.

These are so difficult to find out

Variables from A to Z…..


Older-aged people would tell

These problems are so easy

I am very sorry to say

For starters, it’s going to be crazy.


Why do we have to add letters?

When we can work with numbers.

Finding the value of these variables

They are difficult and unexciting, it makes me slumber.


It would be much better

When English is English and Math is Math

But combining these subjects together

Makes my mind flat.

Poem on Math by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia

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