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Dear Prime Minister| Letter by 10 year old Jeyan from Nacharam

If you could write to the Prime Minister to change one thing in your school, what would it be. 10 year old Jeyan from Hyderabad shares his many requests in this letter.

letter to prime minister kids

Dear Prime Minister,
As we spend most of our time in school, I want you to equip my classroom with heaters when it is cold and add cushions to our seats. You could customize our desks.

You could make our library a little bigger.

Since I am a Harry Potter fanboy, can you make our school look identical to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

You can recreate it all: The Great Hall, the common rooms, the poster beds etc. If all of these requests come true, I will be very happy.

Yeddanapudi Jeyan,
Class V,
Delhi Public School, Nacharam

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