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Tanush Saraf

12 Years

What is different about Teacher’s Day- Poem

Read with Sara students Teachers Bookosmia

I used to wonder what is the difference between a normal day and Teachers’ Day,
I came to know the difference when I went to class five.
When I entered the whole corridor was bright and alive,
Now I knew it, today was a special calendar day.

Our class teacher did not teach us at all,
Instead made us play a game with a ball.
Our SST teacher was a bit lazy and left us to our own
And we were glad, for we could manage keeping up the chaos, alone.

There wasn’t even a second in a day, when we stopped chattering,
Earlier the teachers could spot even a wink,
But today they did not hear even a shout,
However, so very loud.


But the teachers were back in their serious mode the next day.
However no student in the whole school had brought text books,
We had experienced how much fun school could be,
And we were not going to let Teacher’s Day pass so easily.

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