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What is ChatGPT? Explained for kids by Devasya,10,Dombivli

These days we hear the word ‘Chat GPT’ a lot. What is it and can it be beneficial for students? 10-year-old Devasya from Dombivli explores in this superb blog.

what is chat gpt explained for kids bookosmia

These days we hear the word ‘Chat GPT’ a lot. What is it and can it be beneficial for students? 10-year-old Devasya from Dombivli explores in this superb blog. 


What is ChatGPT? Explained for kids 


With a drastic rise in technology over the past few years, inventors have created AI tools and apps for the betterment of people. Recently, several apps have been created. One of the apps is ChatGPT. But what is ChatGPT? If you aren’t aware of it, this blog post is for you. 


What is ChatGPT? 


ChatGPT is an AI app created and released by Sam Altman on 30 November 2022. ChatGPT is a chatbot operated by AI (Artificial Intelligence). It answers, converses, and gives solutions to its users. It is used by students, professionals, and big companies.Its coding language is Python. 


Pros and Cons of ChatGPT 


ChatGPT has both pros and cons. 




  1. One can get ideas and complete write-ups from ChatGPT within a fraction of second. People can refer to ChatGPT for points and ideas for their works. 


  1. People can manage multiple projects as ChatGPT can handle repetitive writing tasks. For example, if one has to write five blog posts in a day, they can refer to it for ideas and other points.


  1. It is free of cost. It can be downloaded on all devices. It is suitable for all age groups. 




  1. Children should not rely on it as it gives inaccurate results. It gives correct results, but as it is an AI tool, it can sometimes generate inaccurate results. 


  1. It can show results that are not appropriate for children. 


  1. Students will not utilize the cognitive skills of their brain and creativity. Sometimes, students copy the entire content displayed by ChatGPT and claim that content as their own. This practice won’t unleash their creativity, thinking process, and imagination. 


How can students effectively utilize ChatGPT? 


ChatGPT is a versatile application. As every coin has two sides, ChatGPT also has good and bad qualities. So how can students use it effectively? 


The solutions to this concern are as follows: 


  1. Students can use ChatGPT to plan their lives. They can plan their study timetables, exam schedules, playing sessions, etc. 


  1. They can practice conversations in English and improve their vocabulary. As ChatGPT is a chatbot controlled by Artificial Intelligence as stated earlier, we can converse with it and ask for synonyms of different words to improve our vocabulary. 


  1. Students can build good and healthy habits and learn relevant tips. For example, how to remain disciplined, cool and composed, how to wake up at 5 am, etc. 


  1. Students can motivate themselves. They can share problems such as lack of focus, low mood, exam stress, and bullying with ChatGPT. Being an AI tool, it cannot solve problems but can surely provide tips to deal with the issues. 


  1. Students can increase their knowledge. They can ask questions; ask for any answers to improve their knowledge. 


ChatGPT should be used as an assistant but not as a notebook. We should use it responsibly. We should understand that human intelligence is superior to artificial intelligence.

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