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North Point School

Navi Mumbai

I will be a soldier when I grow up | Independence Day Special by Keshav,10

How are you planning to celebrate Independence day? 10-year-old Keshav from Navi Mumbai shares his festive art and look for the special day. 

Keshav Independence Day Blog kids

My Independence day celebration 


Soldiers protect our country with full courage and bravery.  Thanks to our soldiers we can sleep soundly. Soldiers live in difficult conditions and fight against our enemies whether it is raining, in scorching heat, in a storm or a landslide. Whatever be the situation, they always perform their duty with dedication. They also stay away from their families for long and sacrifice many joys for us. 


I have also decided to become a soldier when I grow up and save the lives of my fellow citizens.I salute all our soldiers who protect our country.


Happy Independence day! 

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