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What colour is ‘satisfaction’? | Essay | Bookosmia

Looking for some motivation? Here’s 12 year old Pratichi Satpathy, a Bookosmian from Bhubaneswar on how we can derieve pleasure from simple things.
Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing her creativity.
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Satisfaction – The feeling one gets when they close all the tabs in their browser after finishing a long assignment. I think this is probably the best emotion to feel, as it gives one an intense feeling of pleasure. When I’m satisfied, I have a small smile on my face, and a relaxed and chilled out posture.


I personally am of the opinion that purple and white represent satisfaction, as purple is a very cool and royal colour, and white is the perfect mix of all colours. Breathing deeply, knuckles cracking or sighing aloud are all sounds I would associate with satisfaction.

I feel like satisfaction is a reward, and not just something one can feel out of the blue, as it can only be achieved after a long period of hard work. When we don’t work hard, we feel guilty, which is quite the opposite of satisfaction.

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