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Titanic- The Unsinkable Ship | Poem

The Titanic was a ship that was supposed to be ‘unsinkable’.  So what went wrong ? Get your answers from this poem by 6 year old Avyan Singh of Billabong High International School, a Bookosmian from Jabalpur.
Titanic Poem Bookosmia
Titanic,Titanic how badly you sunk,
I wish the iceberg hadn’t hit you so bad,
That disaster was very sad.
You sent the signal SOS,
but it wasn’t received, then at 2.20am you did descend.
706 survived, the rest of them died,
that was a very tragic night,I wish you didn’t die.
You had lots of lifeboats but there weren’t enough,
the survival of passengers was very tough.
The people who survived the disaster were rescued by the ‘Carpathia’ ship.
The travellers faced lot of fear on their trip.
Today your wreck lies deep in the Atlantic,
even after 100 years it still seems fantastic.

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