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17 Years

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St.Xavier's high school


Watching a flower bloom| Poem by 16 year old from Bhubaneswar

What makes you smile? 16 year old Natasha Nayak from Bhubaneswar enjoys watching a white flower bloom.

flower blooming poem
You bloom,
When the world smiles,
You fly, along the wind,
The wind of laughter,
The wind of happiness,
You’re white,
White as the moon,
Pure as the baby’s breath.
Your shine,
Oh! So magnificent,
Your petals,
Soft as my mom’s lap,
Your fragrance,
The scent of my sweet lord,
And your thorns,
As sharps as the devil’s spear.
Those little buds,
Facing the golden circle,
Shining in absolute darkness,
Waiting to bloom,
Making the world smile.

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