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‘Want to impress Santa in 2021?’ Step by Step Guide by 12 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

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Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Hurray!!  Christmas and New Year festivities are making this dull year end on a good note! Here is hoping that the next year will be nothing like this one.

Before we bid goodbye to Christmas celebrations, 12 year old Samaira from Mumbai shares the secret recipe to please Santa. Lets make a note of it for next year, shall we?


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Samaira Bhansali studies at the Cathedral School in Mumbai.  Her passion is writing and journalism, because it helps her connect with  herself. She usually writes autobiographies on exciting incidents that she has been through. She is a student of Little Kathakar Writers’ Club sessions at Not Just Tales.

How to Impress Santa:

Ingredients –
1 teaspoon of promises
1 tablespoon of prayers
1/2 a cup of discipline
1 cup of understanding
5 cups of chores
4 cups of listening
8 ladles of love
25 cups of goodness
3 cups of manners
50 cups of laughter

Directions –

1] Finish your homework, brush your hair, have a shower, show love and care.

2] Wake up fresh, do your chores,  don’t forget to sweep the floors.

3] Attend school, pay attention, do not get yourself into detention.

4] Help out, keep your promise, clean up, show your goodness.
5] Go to bed, say your prayers, don’t forget to show good manners

6] Always keep discipline, show that you are listening.

7] To your friends, show understanding, always continue being outstanding.

8] Laugh out loud, celebrate, make sure you finish all the cake.

9] Joke about, there’s no limit, run around, keep up the spirit


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