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Yeddah Krishani

9 Years

53 Years


Rudolph, the gingerbread!|Christmas Story by Yeddah, 9, Gurgaon

Christmas celebrations, here is an exciting story by 9 year old Yeddah Krishani  from Batolar, Gurgaon.

gingerbread cookies read with Sara stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

Once upon a Christmas, Mother Mary was creating cookies for the man in red and white. You guessed it! SANTA!  Father Filch was decorating the tree and I was doing the best thing a child could do! Sitting in bed with my laptop playing  Roblox with my friends. I was in the middle of killing people in BIG! Paintball to launch my first nuke when my father told me that I had to make cookies.


I was about to say no but my father gave me the look. I had no choice but to  make cookies with my mother. I made a special Rudolph cookie. It was looking soooooooo delicious. I was about to eat it when my mother told me to go to my room and get ready for bed. I did as my mother asked. I was lying in bed and fell asleep.


In the middle of the night, the gingerbread Rudolph WOKE ME UP. He said,”Do not worry. I am not here to hurt you. I am here to help you to achieve your  dream of meeting Santa Claus!” I was not surprised because I swear I saw an eye movement in the oven but SANTA CLAUS!!! I AM SO EXCITED.


I quietly went outside the house. I was already taking driving lessons so I quickly took the van and carrying snacks like Takis, marshmallows, sores, chips and my laptop we went on and on until we reached a stop.  It was Christmas night. Rudolph said, “Saint Nick and Saint Vera, it is your Rudolph cookie who wishes to visit you, please”. Suddenly a man with red clothes, a black belt with a golden belt-buckle, a snow-white collar, and black shoes appeared.


He shouted in a very deep voice, “HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE WESSIE.” I was surprised Santa knew my name. “What brings you here today? What wish do you wish from my wishing stock?” Santa asked.

I enquired, “Can I see your village?”

“HO HO HO, your wish is my command, my lady”, replied Santa.

After seeing a huge village filled with elves and reindeer, I asked for one last wish, “May I go home, and with a snap of a finger, I did! Was it all a dream? Then I saw my answer. I saw the Rudolph the red-nosed gingerbread on a plate in front of me.


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