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Virtual Reality- Travel via Technology | By 13 year old Saanvi From Kolkata

On World Tourism Day , 12 year old Saanvi Agarwal from Kolkata makes us ponder if technology can fill the travel vaccum created by COVID.

Read with Sara Virtual reality for kids by Bookosmia

Buried under the present hands of time, tourism has fallen between the cracks
of this lockdown.


Almost every country in this world has been in and out of lockdown, keeping  us all exhausted with petty household jobs. But something that has been missed, more than ever is TRAVELLING!

Today if technology hadn’t been advanced, if we didn’t have our Over The Top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, Prime etc we would have been bored out of our brains.


But this World Tourism Day, we realize how we miss being out on a sunny beach, having an ice cream dollop while making a sand castle. Or having a perfectly hot momo on a hill station playing with snow, the chill running down your fingers while that little piece of momo makes you feel the best with a hot, slightly crispy bite.

Recently I have been interested in the Virtual Reality 360 degree Tour. In a visit to Switzerland, a place of scenic beauty, I could feel the fresh air and wind blowing through my hair, caressing it and making it flow.

The very little things made a difference, the flora and fauna, even that little calf or a yak on the pastoral beauty made it mind boggling. The moana’s were beautiful, little fish going through and making the flowers alongside the levees made it even more mesmerizing.  I could feel the church bells ringing, making it more exquisite and alluring than ever. The daylight over the mountains made me feel more comfortable than ever. And lastly, hiking up the valleys was just an amazing experience, but all in VR Tours.

There was something which I felt was majorly missing, and it was obvious what it was- my friends and for sure, the hilly essence. There are some gaps  which can’t be bridged with all the technology in the world.

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  1. Bravo kiddo.. it’s just great and absolutely fantastic to read…. Lovely lovely

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