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Keerthana Roy S

12 Years

53 Years

NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


Saving Rivers Is Saving Lives- Essay #WorldRiversDay

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If rivers had the capability to talk, a century earlier we would have heard her laughing and enjoying. Hundred years back, there were not so many factories which polluted rivers.


She would have been enjoying, because many children would play in her  glorified water, many of them drink her purified water and many of them
survived because of her.


So if she had the ability to talk she would have felt so proud of herself. She could tell about the beneficial things she has done to the humans and animals of this world. Animals drink the water from her and she nourishes the forest  and the land around her. Knowing she is helping others, would have made her the happiest in the world. In her gurgling sounds, she would have expressed
her happiness all the time to the other living organisms around her.


If rivers had the capability to talk now, am sure we could have heard her cry because nowadays, not only do factories and industries pollute her with their discharges,  even human beings do.  She cannot help others with her polluted  water and children cannot play in her water.


We read many news articles nowadays where many people are affected by  drinking her water. If the river hears this news, she would feel bad for her existence  in this world.

Not beneficial rather becoming harmful to this earth?

All the time she would be heard crying and pleading, ‘’Please don’t pollute me, I beg you.”


Is it her mistake, friends? No, absolutely not. It is ours because we all are  polluting her and losing a beneficial, beautiful and rare source of water. If we  keep on polluting her like this, she will not be in this world one day and we will be the one who will suffer the most.

So friends please don’t pollute rivers. They too have a soul in them, which keeps us alive.




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