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Vacation Plans – From Thailand to Paris | Bookosmia

Vacation plans - From Thailand to Paris



Every morning when the sun shines,

My imagination comes to play.

Jet-skiing in the vast seas of Maldives,

In Buddha temples of Thailand, I wish to pray!

Viewing Paris from Eiffel tower’s peak

From the Flyer, it’s Singapore I see.

Roasting marshmallows with Siberian huskies

Or maybe not, it’s too risky…

The adventure starts when I go off the map!

With a dog, some friends and loads of chit-chat,

Discover wonders and magical mysteries,

Among attractive flowers and majestic trees.

After all my plans are plotted

I rush to mom to tell her my desires.

But there are so many of them; which one to start from?

Ah! The Hawaiians.

Vacation plans - From Thailand to Paris


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