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TOI-733b : A planet like Earth | Essay by Arsalan, 9, Bangalore

What do you find most interesting about space? 9-year-old Arsalan from Bangalore writes an essay about an earth-like planet.

TOI-733b : A planet like Earth essay kids bookosmia

TOI-733b : A planet like Earth 


Space is like a giant treasure trove full of amazing things to find – stars, moons, planets, and galaxies, just to name a few. We often hear about new things that scientists discover out there. Just this year, in 2023, they found a brand-new planet. It’s really far away, about 245 light years from us, and it’s called TOI-733b. What’s interesting is that this planet is a lot like Earth, and scientists think it might even have the right conditions for life to exist.


Right now, the exoplanet TOI-733b doesn’t have any gas around it – it’s just a solid rocky surface. Scientists think this might be because it’s really close to its own sun-like star. The heat from the star could have caused the planet’s atmosphere to slowly disappear over time, leaving it without a gaseous layer.

Experts have two ideas about this planet right now. One is that it might have lost its outer layer of air. The second speculation introduces the notion of it being a highly irradiated oceanic world, an idea that fuels the imagination with visions of a unique environment by intense cosmic forces.


Photo credit-NASA

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