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7 Years


Chandrayaan 4 : How we saved Uranus| Story by Saatvika, 7, Kolkata

Read this creative tale by 7-year-old Saatvika from Kolkata about Chandrayaan-4 that was supposed to go to moon but ended up in Uranus!

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Chandrayaan-3 went to the moon and everyone was happy. ISRO’s next mission was Chandrayaan- 4 which was to explore the space deeper. 


In this mission, astronauts were in the rocket and they were going to the moon but due to unexpected conditions, they passed Saturn and were headed to the coldest planet Uranus. 


 The astronauts tried to stop the rocket but they failed. On the way they all saw a rainbow, but still they were sad because they had no option: they could not go to Earth nor could they go to the moon. Just then, they saw Saturn’s ring falling on Neptune.  Neptune began to burn up. This created instability and Uranus was almost about to be pushed out of the solar system. The astronauts used their quick thinking and poured water from Earth on Neptune. Neptune became cool again. 


And that is how our Chandrayaan-4 mission returned to Earth without visiting the moon but helped save Uranus. 

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